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RUF is a Christian campus ministry, a community of students who want to hear more about Jesus from the Bible.  We don't think we are better than other people, and we don't know everything.  The God of the Bible shows love to the undeserving, so we hope in him.  We need Jesus, and because of him we are struggling to love and serve others.  All students are welcome at our events.  Come to RUF, ask questions, express doubts, and experience Jesus.

The major upcoming events in RUF are on this page, if you scroll down.  We hope you want to get connected to the group (or at least visit us in person), but if you prefer to find out more about RUF first, we appreciate that too.  There is plenty more for those who like to browse around the rest of the site.

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Rooftop Rave - Cancelled


We're planning another roof-top dance party on one of the parking garages at FSU.  The overnight parking rules might make this a bit difficult.  Check back later as the plans come together.



Main Weekly Meetings - Thursdays 7pm


Thursday nights are the main meeting for RUF.  Everyone is welcome whatever your beliefs.  This fall RUF will look at the book of Romans, as it lays out the core of Christianity, how Christ is enough for us.  In this letter written to the heart of the capital city of the empire, we see the undying relevance of the Gospel to every culture.  "God's Right To Do Good."  See our weekly meetings page for more information.   First regular meeting of Spring, Jan 9th.

We meet at the stadium, University C 5301, above the "sportsmanship" statue.



Small Groups and Bible Studies


There's more to RUF than just Thursday nights.  Some of the best community happens during the various small groups and Bible studies that meet during the week.  Visit the small groups page to see what's happening when.



St Patty's Day Green Fire Party


A great day to celebrate with a bit of green.



Spring Break Service Trip to Palmer Home for Children 


Over spring break from March 9-14 we are making  plans to return to Columbus, Mississippi again to serve at the Palmer Home for Children, a Christian orphanage / family foster-care organization.  This is a great opportunity to spend some of your "free time" helping others.


New Student?

If you are new to RUF or want more infomation, click here.

TCC? or FAMU?, we hope you'll get involved too.  There are students from all three schools that come to RUF events.






Staying Connected

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