About RUF

The first thing you should know about RUF is what we are about.

Jesus, in a word, is what we are about; in a name, who we are all about is, Jesus.

We recognize that to many the name Jesus may conjure up sentimental feelings of superficiality: hope without confidence, joy without meaning, and beliefs without much content.  Sadly, too many churches have offered nothing more than the false Messiahs of a "plastic Jesus" that could never care, rescue, or comfort in the harsh realities of life. 

College is the time to really live: experience it all, explore new boundaries, discover yourself, enjoy others, and take in the vividness of life, ... not to be restrained by the shackles of religion, fake some moral superiority, or close yourself off to real enlightenment.

RUF speaks of Jesus - Jesus who explodes all categories of narrowness and transforms the world through self-giving love; Jesus who never leaves empty but is himself the fullness of life.  RUF invites college students to put aside any close-minded rejection of Jesus and explore a fresh view of Jesus that is as old as the Bible itself.  Come to RUF, ask question, express doubts, and experience Jesus.  Everything is all about him (Colossians 1:15-20).

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is an Evangelical (we believe the Gospel of Jesus's death and resurrection is true), Reformed (think Protestant Reformation of the 16th century), and Presbyterian (Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), our denomination) campus ministry.  Although we are sent to the campus by the PCA, we welcome students from any and all walks of life.  Students from a wide variety of church and religious backgrounds are involved here at FSU.   Present on over hundred campuses in the United States, RUF brings to Florida State University a heart for God and a love for the university campus.  As a ministry of the PCA, we reflect the historic positions of the Church, including the full authority, inspiration, and inerrancy of the Bible; the necessity of new life in Christ; and the task of the Church to proclaim the Gospel to all the nations and to equip believers for the work of ministry. 

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