Genesis: from the beginning relationship with God. Spring '12

Genesis: from the beginning relationship with God

So much is discovered from going back to the beginnings.  This spring RUF will explore our beginning from the Biblical book of Genesis.  From the account of creation to the covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, Genesis tells us who we are and how we can relate to God.  Despite chaos, mess, sins, and failures, God makes a promise to be with us, even to rescue humanity and all creation.

Whether you are convinced or unconvinced, excited, burnt out, bored or skeptical, come join us as we seek to experience God and his grace.

Below is a basic schedule for the semester.  As messages are recorded, links will appear for you listen. Also on iTunes here.
  1. Jan 12     Something out of Nothing      Genesis 1:1-2:3          Globe 2nd floor
  2. Jan 19     No Shame in Paradise          Genesis 2:4-25           Globe 2nd floor
  3. Jan 26     Leaving God ... Still Pursues Genesis 3:1-24           Globe 2nd floor
  4. Feb 2      Hope and Tragedy Reversed  Genesis 4:1-26           5301 University Center C
  5. Feb 9      Expectant Patient Faith         Genesis 5                  5301 University Center C
  6. Feb 16    Devastation and Salvation       Genesis 6-9                5301 University Center C
  7. Feb 23    Mixed Up Confusion               Genesis 11                 5301 University Center C
  8. Mar 1      Question and Answer Forum                                    5301 University Center C
  9. Mar 15    Waiting for Reward(incomplete)Genesis 15                5301 University Center C
  10. Mar 22    All for Nothing                         Genesis 22               University Lutheran Center
  11. Mar 29    Dysfunctional AND Hopeful      Genesis 27                5301 University Center C
  12. Apr 5      Jerry Springer Biblical Edition  Genesis 38                 5301 University Center C
  13. Apr 12    In the Right Place                    Genesis 50                Globe 3rd Floor
  14. Apr 21 -  Saturday, End of the Year Banquet