Individual Meetings

In RUF, we love people and we love to hang out.  Sometimes you're not up for going to an official RUF meeting, or the time just doesn't work with your schedule.  Sometimes you have questions, more personal struggles, or other things to discuss.  Sometimes you just want to hang out.

Individual meetings are a way to hang out, for casual or serious conversation, for students from RUF or entirely outside the group.  We can get together for lunch, coffee, frisbee or whatever.  You can meet up with a student in RUF or hang out with the campus minster.

The campus minister, David Story, usually spends his afternoons on campus with people.  If you would like to get together some time just call, e-mail, text, facebook, or whatever to work out a time (850-559-1039,  

Places to Meet - some of our favorites

We like to think we have many offices, on and off campus.  Of course, they're not just ours, but ...  

The easiest places to meet, if you can't decide are either the courtyard of the union, or the front steps of Strozier Library.
on campus - Suwannee, Union Food Court, Chili's, Einstiens, Denny's, Fresh Food, Figg dining hall (no one ever thinks of this one)
all but on campus - Tomahawk Grill, Pitaria, Momma Goldberg's, Momo's, Moe's
worth a little drive - Mellow Mushroom, Gordo's, Po' Boys, Jim & Milt's, Tijuana Flats, 5 Guys, Guthrie's, Hopkins, Monk's ...
Local -All Saints (railroad), Black Dog (lake ella), Red Eye (midtown), Atomic Coffee (tennessee), Calvin's (copeland) ...
Starbucks - on campus, library foyer, by the movies, campus bookstore, Tennesee St, N Monroe, ...
Landis Green, Leach Center, Crenshaw Lanes, Tennis courts, or wherever you are
Tallahassee Rock Gym, Alladin's, ...