Parables of Jesus - Fall '14

For the fall of 2014, RUF looked at the parables of Jesus.  Stories shape our lives.  Jesus told stories to help guide our perspective on the gospel and the world around us.  His parables challenge assumptions while also giving encouragement and hope.  Come listen to these stories and how they speak to you.

Whether you are convinced or unconvinced, excited, burnt out, bored or skeptical, come join us as we seek to experience God and his grace.

Below is a basic schedule for the semester.  As messages are recorded, links will appear for you listen. Also on iTunes here.

For past messages, click here.


Week Passage Title
Aug 28 Luke 5:36-39 Something New
Sep 04 Luke 6:39-49 Blind Leading
Sep 11 Luke 8:4-15 Ears to Hear
Sep 18 Luke 10:30-37 Neighbors
Sep 25 Luke 12:15-21 The Good Life
Oct 02 Luke 13:18-21 God's Kingdom
Oct 09 Luke 14:7:24 Invitations
Oct 16 Luke 15 Celebration
Oct 23 Luke 16:1-9,19-31 Making Friends
Oct 30 Luke 18 Tired of Praying?
Nov 06 Luke 18 Two Prayers
Nov 13 Luke 19 Delayed Response
Nov 20 Luke 20 Corporate Prayer
Dec 5 Christmas Party