Prayer: Expressions Beyond Ourselves - Spring '11

Prayer: Expressions beyond Ourselves

Whether as a complaint, a call for help, a thank you, or an expression of awe, we all have a longing to pray, to speak to someone beyond us.  This semester we will focus on the topic of Prayer, especially as Jesus teaches us how we can speak with God, and why we need Him.

Whether you are convinced or unconvinced, excited, burnt out, bored or skeptical, come join us as we seek to experience God and his grace.

Here is a basic schedule for the semester.  As messages are recorded, links will appear for you listen. Also on iTunes here.

Jan 6     Praying like Jesus                    Luke 11
Jan 13   How NOT to Pray                     Matthew 6:5-8
Jan 20   Childlike Prayer                       Matthew 6:9a       The Lord's Prayer 1      
Jan 27   What's In a Name?                   Matthew 6:9b       The Lord's Prayer 2
Feb 3    God's Rules!                            Matthew 6:10a      The Lord's Prayer 3       *Meeting in the Globe - 2nd floor.
Feb 10           Prayer and Testimonies
Feb 17  [Not] Getting What You Want    Matthew 6:10b     The Lord's Prayer 4
Feb 24  You Get What You Need           Matthew 6:11       The Lord's Prayer 5
Mar 3    Debts and Debtors                    Matthew 6:12       The Lord's Prayer 6
  Spring Break
Mar 17   Guide and Rescue Us              Matthew 6:13        The Lord's Prayer 7
Mar 24   Looking Up When You're Down  Psalm 42             Honest Prayers 1
Mar 31   Honest Doubt                           Psalm 73             Honest Prayers 2
Apr 7     Worship in Darkness                Psalm 88              Honest Prayers 3
Apr 14   Frustrated Faith                        Psalm 89              Honest Prayers 4  
Apr 21 - No RUF - End of the Year Banquet on Friday April 22nd