Revelation: Visions of the Coming King - Fall '10

Through vivid images and moving visions, the Biblical book of Revelation paints a picture of hope - hope in the present, hope for the future, hope in Jesus Christ now and forever.  In all the details of daily life, it is easy to lose ourselves.  Revelation re-centers us, placing us within big picture of the grand scheme of history.  In revealing Jesus as the Coming King, it encourages us to live in light of the end and the new beginning.

Whether you are convinced or unconvinced, burnt out, bored or skeptical, come join us as we seek to experience God and his grace.

Here is a basic schedule for the semester.  As messages are recorded, links will appear for you listen. Also on iTunes here.

Aug 26    Vision of the Coming King            Revelation 1
Sept 2     The Church's King                       Revelation 2-3
Sept 9     In the Throne Room of the King     Revelation 4-5
Sept 16   The Seven Seals                          Revelation 6-7
Sept 23   Trumpets of Judgment                  Revelation 8-9
Sept 30   Why Witness?                             Revelation 10-11
Oct 7       Exposing the Lie                         Revelation 12-13
Oct 14     Embracing the Truth                    Revelation 14-15
Oct 21     What Satisfies?                           Revelation 17
Oct 28     Leaving Luxury                            Revelation 18-19
Nov 4       How does It End?                        Revelation 19-20
Nov 11- Veteran's Day
Nov 18     The End and New Beginning         Revelation 21-22   incomplete recording
Dec 3 - Christmas Party