Small Groups and Bible Studies

Most of us long for community.  We want to be known and cared for by people we can trust.  We want to be open and not be condemned, to admit our confusion but still be respected, to learn, grow, hurt, experience life with others.  Small Groups in RUF aim to develop that type of community for one another. 

Small Group Bible studies are one of the best ways to connect with other students and explore the teachings of the Bible.  They provide an opportunity for closer relationships, open discussion, and more specific application relevant to where you are.

Small groups for Spring of 2017 are coming soon!  You are always welcome to come.





Hebrews Bible Study - meeting on Wednesdays at 2pm at the Sweet Shop by campus.

Hebrews takes us deeper into seeing the significance of Christ for us and the relationship to the Old Testament too.

Contact Story.





Too Good to Be True - Fridays 2pm in the Union (or other times)  

Read and discuss this book and the gospel encouragement it brings.

Contact Amy.



This is Awkward - meetings TBA

Read and discuss this book and the gospel perspective it brings.

Contact Story




City of God Study (co-ed) - Wednesdays 6pm at All Saints Cafe.  

We'll be discussing sections of Augustine's City of God, which helps us distinquish Christian faith from the world and culture in which we live.

You can find an online or .pdf of Augustine's masterpiece at 

Contact David Story or on facebook.


If you are interested in seeing another small group get started, let us know.